Sardus's stunning restaurants are the perfect setting to indulge in the finest Italian food whilst enjoying a spectacular glass of wine.


Our restaurants are ideal for hosting romantic dinners, business lunches, family meals and birthday parties. 

Sardus Cucina is conveniently located within walking distance from the lively bars of Altrincham and just minutes away from Hale’s exclusive nightlife. 

Sardus Vinoteca is located just off the vibrant and well know Deansgate and ideally situated for the ones who prefer a vibrant experience. 

Visit us for an incredible dining experience and surprise yourself with the authentic flavour of Sardinian cuisine. 

Taste the

Sardinian flavour


The region of Sardinia is so diverse and rich that many say it is a continent within Italy. Of course, Sardinian food is very unique and quite distinct from others, that is why Sardus wants to bring you the best of this special cuisine.


We are specialised in typical dishes of Sardinia and to ensure the highest authenticity and quality our staff and chefs are from Sardinia.  

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